SHHHHHHHH This is a secret deal and is limited so keep it a secret becomes once it sells out its over!!!

Call 917-410-4314 and speak to Captain Chris using PROMO CODE  “FACEBOOK” and get special pricing BELOW

This is only for Monday-Friday DAY not for Friday Evening or Weekends. $500 is for Island Current 1 and up to 12 people max at half day which is 4 hours.

island current fleetISLAND CURRENT
(up to 17 passengers)
Weekday Half Day Special:
$500 for up to 12 passengers!
Weekday Special Full Day:
$650 for up to 12 passengers!
$60 each addition.



island current II boatISLAND CURRENT II
50 foot (up to 42 passengers)
Weekday Special Half Day:
$800 up to 20 people!
Weekday Special Full Day:
$1000 up to 20 people!
$50 each additional.