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5/21 ISLAND CURRENT II…Porgies & Weakfish…Capt. Dan on the FISH! City Island, NY

Captain Dan was very excited to call In another amazing catch of both weakfish and jumbo porgies. It was a full boat limit of progress today for the good crowd aboard the island current II. It’s been one stop shopping for most of the trips as anglers have been getting a workout walking off the boat with coolers and buckets full of fish.

Tomorrow the island current III will be ready to depart at 8 AM for jumbo PORGIES. Purchase tickets online at or call/text Captain Chris at 917-417-7557


Capt. Danny will be running the island current II Wednesday Thursday and Saturday 5 PM to 9 PM for a sunset fluke. Captain Dan knows the local waters like the back of his hand and is sure to put on a show with some phenomenal fluke fishing.

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