Best Charter Fishing in City Island Bronx, NY

Captain Chris of Island Current Fleet has been fishing the waters of the Long Island Sound for over 30 years. He and his crew offer a wide range of activities, from open party fishing day trips to nighttime bluefishing. Offering only top of the line equipment, Captain Chris and his crew will teach you all their secrets and help you get the catch of a lifetime. Click here to see the gallery.

Island Current Fleet is located at City Island in the Bronx, a secret gem of boating and fishing in an otherwise urban New York City. If you’re from New York or just coming to visit, don’t miss a chance to experience the city in this unique way.

Relax on either of Island Current Fleet’s four custom built vessels where passenger comfort is our first priority!

Island Current Fleet offers all sorts of events including November 50/50’s, the East End Blackfish Wreckathon, educational cruises, and sunset fluke trips. Private charters are also available upon demand. Check the availability and book online. We also offer Free Dockside Parking. 

551 City Island Ave
Bronx, NY 10464