Fishing Reports


All three boats were out today and they all reported super action! Capt. Danny, Joe, & Pete all heading back early with loads of fish to clean. We will be ready to do it all over tomorrow at 8 am. The weather is forecasted to be absolutely beautiful. Book tickets online at

The island current fleet will be sailing tonight for two separate trips 5 PM to 10 PM sunset Porgy Fishing and 6:30 PM to 12:30 AM striped bass…all tickets can be purchased online at

5/15 & 5/16 ISLAND CURRENT III…Full Boat Limit Beatdown… City Island, NY

On Wednesday, 5/15 Capt. Danny & today 5/16 Capt. Scott aboard the 76’ ISLAND CURRENT III all reporting super action with limits being the norm. It’s been lock and load fish with fish up to 4 pounds. The western Long Island Sound is alive with the tasty critters. Book your tickets online at

Book your private charter today on any of our three vessels. Call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557


All three boats were out yesterday and reported a phenomenal day of up and down Porgy Fishing. Full boat limits were had by all. We are sailing daily at 8 AM for Jumbo Porgies. Book your tickets online at as the fishing is red hot now!

5/10 ISLAND CURRENT III…Full Boat Limit Beat Down

Once again Capt. Scott delivers with non-stop action from start to finish. Full boat limit had by all on board. We are ready to do this again tomorrow with our all star line up as all three boats will be sailing tomorrow. Book online on at

5/9 Island Current III…City Island, NY Porgy Time

Capt. Scott reported that once again it was lock and load fishing. Full boat limit of Porgies!!!  Double & triple headers were the norm for the day…We saw a few weakfish & flouders today as the action was fast and furious.

We will be sailing again tomorrow morning at 8 am…Get in on the action!!!!

Book tickets online at


Capt. Danny reporting in that the past two days the action has been very good. Today was the best day of the year so far with loads of double headers coming over the rail.

We are schedule to run the 76’ ISLAND CURRENT III at 8 am daily…PORGY EXPRESS. Book tickets online at

5/6 Island Current III… Good Porgy Fishing…City Island, NY

Another excellent day Aboard the 76 foot island current III.

Everyone had a bucket full And there were lots of Double headers Throughout the day.

There were a handful of limits today.  We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 8 AM please book your tickets online at

Island Current Update!

We are looking to sail tonight at 6:30 pm for striped bass…

Please book your tickets online at or call Captain Chris at 917 417 7557.

Hope to see you there! 🎣🎣🎣