Fishing Reports

10/15 Capt. Danny Produces Again…ISLAND CURRENT II…City Island, NY

The last two days captain Danny has been running a clinic on specializing in the colossal size porgies! Anglers have been treated by some of the finest fishing this fall very close to home loads of quality size fish and the quantity is there in surplus. We are continuing to sail every day at 8 AM for jumbo porgies, Seabass and blackfish. Book tickets online at For private charter information in both city Island and Rhode Island please call/text Captain Chris at 917-417-7557

10/14 Night Porgies 6:30 PM Daily…City Island, NY

Last evening, 10/13 both captains Lynn & Pete reported an absolute porgy blitz. The fish were aggressive and were biting from start to finish.

The action continues to be amazing both daytime and in the evening.

We are continuing to sail daily aboard both of our vessels out of city Island departing at 8 AM daily. In addition, our 76 foot island current III will start sailing up in Snug Harbor Rhode Island this Tuesday, October 16 at 5 AM for blackfish. All tickets can be purchased online at


Today both captains Danny and Pete all reporting in that the action continues to be absolutely fantastic. Large jumbo porgies flying over the rail as double and triple header’s made it an easy limit for anglers today. Fishing the deeper water areas provided larger eye-popping fish! We continue to sail everyday at 8 AM and every night at 6:30 PM. All tickets can be purchased online at

Our Rhode Island blackfishing trips will commence on Tuesday, October 16 departing at 5 AM. The fare is $95 per person. All tickets must be purchased online at

10/11 ISLAND CURRENT II…Beatdown XXL PORGIES…City Island, NY

Capt. Danny reported Wednesday trip was nothing short of FANTASTIC! Yesterday, we had both tremendous size and quantity!

Both clams and sandworms were the bait of choice. Book tickets online at

10/10 ISLAND CURRENT II…City Island, NY

Capt. Danny reported Tuesday, 10/9 was a solid trip fishing the local waters of the western Long Island Sound. The fish were hungry and aggressive very close to home.

The boats out today and we will report later in the day on how the day turned out. Book tickets online at

10/8 ISLAND CURRENT FLEET…Porgy Extravaganza…City Island, NY

This weekend we had the entire fleet out in full force. Sailing day and night the action continues to be fast and furious. Lots and lots of full Limits had by many of the anglers and many others dangerously close. We are sailing daily at 8 am everyday pls book tickets online at

For private charter information on both City Island and Rhode Island please call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557

10/6 ISLAND CURRENT II & III…Private Charters & Open Boat Fishing…City Island, NY

Capt. Scott & Pete reported a very good day of local bottom fishing with lots of limits. Both our private charter and open boat enjoyed steady action throughout the day.

We will be sailing daily at 8 am and every evening. Book your tickets online at

10/5 ISLAND CURRENT II & III…Capt. Danny & Capt. Scott Superior Fishing…City Island, NY

Today October 4, we had two of the island current fleet boats out on the porgy grounds and the fishing was excellent!. Both our open boat and our private charter was delighted with the steady up and down fishing on quality size fish and in vast numbers! This fall has truly been an amazing bottom fishery with porgies being paved in the entire western Long Island sound. We will be sailing tomorrow at 8 AM aboard Island current III so book tickets online at We have plenty of availability this upcoming holiday weekend both for the daytime & evening trips.

For private charters please call/text Captain chris at 917-417-7557

10/3 ISLAND CURRENT III Beatdown…Full Boat Limit…City Island, NY

Capt. Scott reported yet another amazing day of the XXL PORGIES. Fishing continues to be amazing very close to home. The pictures basically says it all. Book tickets online at

Sailing daily at 8 am

9/30 Totally Insane Porgy Fishing…Island Current Fleet…City Island, NY

Today, Sunday 9/30 Captains Danny, Scott, & Jimmy all arrived home early with full boat limits all around the boats. It’s been pretty much the same thing everyday and also in the evening.

This is some of the finest porgy fishing so close to home. Book tickets online at

For private charter information please call/text Captain Chris at 917-417-7557