Island Current Disclaimer

Island Current Fishing Excursions – Safety & Regulations for Open Party Boats & Charters (Bronx, NY) PHOTO & Safety DISCLAIMER


Fishing is a very exciting sport. Aboard the ISLAND CURRENT FLEET, a mate or a captain might ask for your permission to take a picture of your catch. By accepting the picture to be taken you understand that your picture might be posted on one of the local fishing message boards, displayed on the boats website, used in informational seminars, or selected to be placed in a full color brochure. By sending ISLAND CURRENT FLEET a digital picture or agreeing to have your picture taken; you are granting permission that your picture might be publicly displayed. ISLAND CURRENT FLEET will not be held liable for any public display of passengers or photos being displayed.


While on the Long Island Sound or Atlantic Ocean there is a risk of serious injury or death. Boats are not stationary; they pitch and roll at times without warning. Decks and stairs are often slippery. All passengers are responsible for their own safety and must never move around the boat without holding onto a railing, cabin railing, or a secure part of the vessel with at least one hand. Passengers must be responsible for any minors or others guest with physical limitations as well as for themselves.


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