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11/23 Blackfishing Aboard Island Current III with Capt. Scott…Snug Harbor, RI

We started to the east finding nothing but dirty water and shorts. So moved further to the east a few miles and was steady pick the rest of the day. 
Mr. Park had a easy limit with 9 orl, Mike Lee had 8 beauties orl,

Father & son Townsend had their limit by day’s end,  

Kim kwang had the pool with 9.2oz along with a limit.

Fishing was slightly off but by day’s end there many others “dangerously” close to limits. 

Captain Scott was very happy at how quickly the fishing rebounded from the HEAVY blow from the past four days. We are all very excited to get back out this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday departing at 5 am.

All tickets can be purchased online at or by emailing or texting Capt. Chris your reservations. 

From the entire crew and captains aboard the ISLAND CURRENT FLEET we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

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