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12/5 Cha Ching…$2,500 Pool Aboard Island Current III..10.2 pound Pool Winner

12/5 Cha Ching…$2,500 Pool Aboard Island Current III..10.2 pound Pool WinnerCaptain Scott reported that there was a full maxed out crowd for the 25 passenger limit aboard today’s 50/50 blackfish trip. Today we were greeted by anglers from many different states including Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and our very own Rhode Island. The amount of talent that was on the boat today was tremendous as all anglers had a high level of expertise and could definitely work the rod and reel. Today captain Scott had worked a completely different area off of Block Island concentrating on larger blackfish in much deeper water ranging from 75 feet 110 feet of water. Today’s pool fish was captured by our very own Rhode Island angler and first mate aboard the Snappa fishing charter vessel, Lucas B. who took the 10.2 pound tog and the $2500 pool winnings. A special shout out to Lucas for taking care of the crew very generously and also having two of the largest fish on board today.
Please note that we will be sailing every day for blackfish at 5 AM up until Friday, December 9. We are sold out on Saturday, December 10 for cod and Seabass. We Will be sailing Sunday, December 11 as an open boat at 5 AM for cod and Seabass. Please remember to book tickets online at Island or call Captain Chris directly at 917-417-7557.

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