10/28 ISLAND CURRENT RHODE ISLAND Captain Scott 👨‍✈️ was very happy to report yet another fantastic day of #blackfishing up in Rhode Island!. Today we had a sold out crowd for our 50-50 trip the first one of the season. Pool fish 🐟 went to Joe from Massapequa, Long Island weighing in at 9 lbs. 7 oz. We have three other Monday, 50/50 trips scheduled which are November 4, November 18 and December 4.These trips need to be booked online at IslandCurrent.com. ⛴🎣

We are sailing Tomorrow morning at 5 AM for blackfish out of snug Harbor Marina, Rhode Island. #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfishingfleet #Rhodeisland #snugharbor #blackfishing

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