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Island Current III…Snug Harbor, RI

Captain Scott 👨‍✈️ reported a very good day of bottom #fishing for a mixed bag for the private #charter for Fish Ark Adventures. We started the morning off drifting for #cod and #Seabass and quickly filled our limit of black Seabass and plucked away at some very fine quality #codfish.🐟

Then we switched gears and went inshore to targeted #Blackfish and ended the day with a nice assortment of cod, Seabass, #Pollack, and Blackfish. The highlight of the trip was the 13 pound mule caught on one of the deeper water drops. 🎣

A special shout out to Marc for arranging these trips and for all your support!

Please note that we will be sailing Saturday and Sunday at 5 AM for Blackfish. We have plenty of room and the fishing has been nothing short of spectacular.⛴

50/50 Trips is scheduled for Monday, 11/18 & 12/2

Book tickets online at

Our next Cod and Seabass trip Ultra Limited will be on Friday, November 22. The fare is $250 per person and all tickets must be purchased online at ⛴🎣#islandcurrent #islandcurrentfleet #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfishingfleet #rhodeisland #snugharbor

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