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1/22 Codfishing Rhode Island

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a picky start to the morning. The weather conditions were absolutely beautiful. The seas were flat and and the wind was calm. Today we anchored and drifted mixing things up a bit. There was definitely a good amount of #fish in the area and loads of bait!  It wasn’t until the latter part of the day that Capt. Scott was able to dial-in on a pile of fish that was actively feeding! Custom rod builder Sean was high hook for the day and it seemed that the iron clam was the most productive today!

Please note that we are sold out for Thursday, January 23. Please make sure you check in with the office for our early departure time.

Our next Open Boat trip will be Friday, January 24th. Book your tickets online at⛴🐟#islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfishingfleet

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