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2/1 Slow Day Codfishing

Captain Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a nice turn out of #anglers this morning on yet another beautiful, mild and flat calm day out on the ocean. Unfortunately, #fishing was extremely slow today! Capt. Scott traveled and explored far and wide but to no avail. The general area that we’ve been fishing in once again showed prominent and amazing signs of life with plenty of bait in the area; however, the #fish just did not want to chew for us today. When fishing is good we tell you….when it’s not we tell you like it is… just a very slow day on the water today.

Our next sailing dates will be Tuesday, February 4 and Wednesday, February 5 departing at 5 AM. Please book tickets 🎫 online at

If you are inquiring about setting up a private winter #Codfish trip please contact Capt. Chris directly at 917-417-7557 for Charter pricing and availability. #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfleet #islandcurrentfishingfleet #rhodeislandfishing #codfish

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