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Bluefish Fishing, New York Brings the Best and the Biggest!

Bluefish are Biting with Island Current Fleet

guy holding two bluefishSummer is on its way and that means the Bluefish feeding frenzies are coming soon. Those hungry blues are starting to jump on the lines again as the weather turns warmer and they head back north. Island Current Fleet offers the very best in bluefish fishing for New York.

We have the very best experienced mates and Captains who have sailed these waters for over 25 years. On all of our fishing trips, we work hard to keep your rod bringing in the fish. Our mates will help you with everything you need to bring in these blue beauties.


Professional Fishing Tours in New York Love Bluefish!

Island Current Fleet loves bringing in the blues. These monsters can come in over 15 lbs. No matter how long you’ve been fishing, bluefish can be a great catch for many reasons.

First, bluefish are practically busting right out of the water. These aggressive eaters swim in large schools along the Atlantic Coast and they really love our Long Island Sound waters. Though you can catch them all year long, they really start to jump as they migrate north during summer. Their feeding frenzies are like nothing you’ve ever seen. When they start eating, you can often pile on a ton of fish in one spot. Check out this feeding frenzy! Fish were jumpin’!guy fishing in ocean

Fresh Bait Brings Bluefish Fishing New York Loves!

Bluefish love to eat. When they are hungry they will practically jump on your line. They eat many different types of bait, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of bait with some chum for fishing. Our Island Current Crews always carry many different bait choices and some chum to keep those fish on the line. Bunker, muscles, bloodworms and more all come fresh for your trip. We also provide top of the line tools for bluefish fishing in New York.

Battling the Bluefish Bite

You have to be careful what type of rod, reel and jig you use with bluefish because of their sharp teeth. These suckers can bite through your line or take a chunk out of your hand. Their savage bite can destroy weaker lines, like those under 40-pound test. These giant blues have to be handled correctly, but they sure are fun to catch.

The Best Fish Story

big bluefishAnother great thing about these blues is they have a little fight in them. They are a fun fish to catch. You just can’t beat the feeling of reeling in a giant bluefish. Also, with our experienced crew, you don’t have to worry about which line, rod or jig will hold against that bite or theirs.

We’ll be there to help you all the way. We’ll keep the bait coming, show you how to cast and start you jigging. We will do everything we can to put a fish on your line and a smile on your face. Plus, on the way back, our experienced mates will clean and prepare you fish for you!

Island Current Fleet Brings in Massive Blues

The Long Island Sound is one of the best places for catching Bluefish. Our waters are seriously busting with bluefish. Plus these monsters are delicious, you can fry them, sautee them, or smother them in marinara and you’ll love them forever. Call Island Current Fleet today to get your Bluefish fishing NY trip booked. We can’t wait to get you out on the water, reeling in some giant bluefish! Or book your trip online. Don’t wait too long, these trips fill up fast!

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