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Super Codfishing: Sailing Tues. & wed. at 3 AM ISLAND CURRENT III

Yesterday, 3/26 both the ISLAND CURRENT II & ISLAND CURRENT III reported very good codfishing. There were tons of shorts and plenty of keepers mixing in to fill up the bags. The weather was chilly and the seas were a little bouncy b the action was GREAT!

Tom C. from City Island, NY chartered o the IC2 and had action the entire day. The boat blew te whistles when the guys had their fill.

Ca. James oard the ISLAND CURRENT III also reported massive piles of cod on the grounds. There is no shotage of fish and enough keepers to keep everyone happy.

Today, 3/27 Ca. Brendan is at the helm of the IC3 and reported very good action with many double headers flying over the rail. Still lots of shorts and action with enough keepers mixed.

Our next sailing dates will be Tues., & Wed., at 3 AM oard the ISLAND CURRENT III. We do have plenty of availility this week if anyone is looking to set up a private charter oard the ISLAND CURRENT II.

Our NY season will start up on Friday, April 1 departing at 8 AM oard the 65` ISLAND CURRENT IV fishing for FLOUNDER.

All tickets can be booked by calling ZERVE at 212.209.3370 or booked online at

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