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Boat Limit Cod & Seabass

Captain Scott Dec 9th BOATLIMIT COD & SEABASS with a modest group of Anglers we left the crabs at the dock and loaded up the boat with FRESH CLAM to dial in on the Cod & Seabass, Once again we were the first boat on the fishing grounds and it didn’t take long before a handful of cod were plucked by the gaff. It was perfect drifting conditions and it didn’t take long to find a pile of fresh green Cod for everyone onboard to limit out on. Dan from CT was high hook with the iron clam with 16keeper Cod and his limit of Seabass (orl) our new friends form the FFF club Harold & Julius also had a easy limit of cod&seabass. Andy locksmith crew had a great day winning the pool and going home with coolers full of fillets. We well be ready to set sail tomorrow at 5am weather looks great hope to see you soon.


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