City Island Derby Fishing Competition – Contest Rules & Regulations – Fishing for Fluke & Blackfish (NY)

ISLAND CURRENT FLEET each year runs a series of derby’s starting off in the spring with the annual Flounder Derby. The cost for this entry is $5.00 per person and is good the entire spring flounder season. At the end of the spring flounder season, the angler who has paid $5.00 to enter the contest and has caught the heaviest flounder will win a FREE SEASON OPEN BOAT PASS.

The next derby to run is the FLUKE DERBY. This derby is started at the beginning of each season as dictated by the NY DEC season regulations. The cost for this derby entry is a one time fee of $10.00 per person. This derby will run until the close of the Fluke season. The heaviest fluke caught will win the prize money.

The final derby of the year will be the popular blackfish derby. Just like the Fluke Derby the Blackfish Derby is the same expect that blackfish are now the target fish. The cost is $10.00 per person. This derby will conclude on the last sailing date of that particular blackfish season. For example, the derby will start in October but last thru the month of January’s winter blackfish schedule.


  • Derby money has nothing to do with the daily boat pool
  • Any paying derby entry has the right to have their fish weighed
  • Fish being questioned must be immediately brought to the Captains attention. The Captains decision is final. Once the angler has left the dock with the fish it can no longer be entered.
  • 20 % gratuity will automatically be taken from the total amount of derby money. The mates work extremely hard at making sure all customers know about the derby and signing individuals up. Out of the 20% the mates will split the gratuity with their crew members on the same work shift.
  • At anytime if there are questions call Capt. Chris immediately at 917.417.7557
  • Derby leader and starting entries will be announced regularly and posted online.