Fishing Reports

We will definitely be sailing Friday, January 18 at 5 AM for winter cod mfish out of snug Harbor Marina. Please book tickets online at or feel free to text/call Captain Chris at 917-417-7557

1/17 ISLAND CURRENT III…Winter Codfishing Rhode Island

Capt. Scott reported a very much improved day.  The codfish and the weather were much better than yesterday. A full report will be posted later today but extremely happy to see the bait in the area and the fish feeding. We plan on sailing again tomorrow and Saturday. Pleas book tickets online at

1/16 Codfishing Rhode Island…Island Current III…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported a very nautical morning with freezing temperatures. The light crowd braved the elements and stuck to the rail most of the day with a slow bite. It was an anchoring day all day long with some nice cod and lots of bergals.

The boat is out this Thursday morning and hopefully will be able to drift all day and cover lots of ground.

We are planning on sailing both Friday and Saturday providing there are no changes in the weather and we have enough fares to get the trip off the ground. Book tickets online at or call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557  

Private charters available for all your winter fishing needs. Contact Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 for more information.

We are sailing tomorrow at 5 AM for winter codfish. There is plenty of room and the boat will definitely be sailing. You can book tickets online at or please feel free to call/text Captain chris at 917-417-7557


Capt. Scott was very pleased with today’s production.  We saw steady action throughout the day keeping everyone at the rail.  It was very nice finally getting a superb weather day.

High hook today was 7 green codfish plus 1 Haddock.  At the end of the day everyone had a a few cod apiece.  We saw less ling today but we had amazing bergal action.  Some bergals pushing the 4 pound mark.

It looks like the wind machine will be honking Monday & Tuesday….So our next open boat trip will be Wednesday at 5 am.  Please remember to book tickets online at


1/12 Green Cod Aboard Island Current III…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported a much improved day both weather wise and fish wise. Most of the early morning we were in search mode until we finally managed to to lock in and start picking some quality green codfish.  We also had a nice

by-catch of numerous ling making there way mixing in with the codfish. Alberto C from PA took home pool honors with a 19 pounder.  

We are SOLD OUT tomorrow morning but will be sailing Monday morning at 5 am.  Please remember to book online at


Capt. Scott reported a very nautical day on the Codfish grounds. The hearty group stuck at the rail all day but the fish just didn’t chew. Due to the rough conditions it was an anchoring day so drifting was out of the question. At days end, we did manage a handful of keepers and about double that on the juveniles.  Coming in we were greeted with a beautiful sunset “Red Sky at Night Sailors Delight!”  The weekend forecast is superb and we plan on covering a lot more ground tomorrow and Sunday.  We will definitely be sailing tomorrow with a light crowd so please book tickets online at or text Capt. Chris directly at 917.417.75557.

1/11 ISLAND CURRENT III is out on the Cod grounds today…Full report will be posted later today.

Please note that we are sailing the next few days at 5 am.  The weather looks great and we have plenty of room.

Book tickets online at

We are very excited to be sailing tomorrow for our private codfish charter.  The weather forecast for this Saturday looks superb. We already have enough to sail so please book tickets online at

Private charters are available daily…contact Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557

1/3 ISLAND CURRENT III…Codfish & Bergals…Snug Harbor Marina

Capt. Scott called into to report steady action on jumbo bergals/ cunners for the private charter lead by Jimmy.  All on board caught very well all throughout the day. We also manage so nice green codfish to make things very interesting.

We are sailing daily at 5 am for CODFISH! Book tickets online at