Fishing Reports


Capt. Scott was happy to report the boat was finally able to get out after a few windy days. Todays weather was excellent and the fishing was good with non-stop action. Today however, we had to pick through lots of shorts to get through the keepers. We will be sailing Saturday Sunday and Monday at 5 AM for blackfish. Please book tickets online at or feel free to call/text Captain chris at 917-417-7557.

Please note Monday, December 3 black fishing 5 AM is a 50-50 trip. $200 per person please book tickets online at

After a long stretch of windy weather we are set to sail Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5 AM for blackfish. All tickets can be purchased online at or please feel free to text/call Captain chris at 917-417-7557 in order to make a reservation.


Capt. Scott was happy to report a great group of anglers loaded up on tog to 9.3 pounds. The weather and fishing were absolutely fantastic.  Here are some of the highlights of today’s adventure…Flockco & Wilson combined for 26 keepers (orl)

Jojo & Scott A combined for 24 keepers …The Stella Maris crew of 4ppl from Brooklyn limited out by 10am and was playing catch and release with keepers up to 8.5lbs & Mario takes the the pool with  9.3lber

The boat will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5 AM. Please book tickets online at

Capt. Chris & his crew would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our loyal patrons and friends and for the many new friends we have made this past season. Warm & healthy Thanksgiving wishes to all!

Sailing will resume tomorrow Friday, November 23 rd.

Rhode Island will be departing at 5 am and City Island at 8 am.

Please book tickets online at


Capt. Scott was very upbeat and happy to report an upswing in the fishing to the way it was the week before.  After a picky morning and weather starting to get snotty and the wind machine turning on SO DID THE TOG! They continued to chew until we blew three whistles and headed back to the barn. Pool fish was a respectable 8 pounder. Please note that we are not sailing THANKSGIVING DAY in Rhode Island but will be sailing out of City Island at 8 am.

Our next scheduled Rhode Island trips are Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5 am. The long range forecast looks excellent and Capt Scott and his top notch crew will be ready to be back out on the tog grounds. Book tickets online at

Blackfish 50-50

Date: 12.3

Time:5 am

Cost: $200 per person

25 passenger limit

Offshore COD & SEA BASS TRIPS 12/12 & 12/19

$150 per person

30 passenger limit

11/20 Island current III black fishing… Snug Harbor, Rhode Island

Captain Scott reported an inconsistent pick up fish on the various drops throughout the day. Some drops looked very promising as multiple fish were coming up but then it just never materialized.  We tried several different areas throughout the day all pretty much accounting for the same results. Everyone went home with fish but it was not the solid fishing we have been seeing!

We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 5 AM. Please feel free to come on down and pay on board the boat or you can always book tickets online at

Please note that there is no trip on Thanksgiving day out of our Rhode Island location. We will resume sailing on Friday morning at 5 AM


Capt. Scott reported that it was our 2nd 50-50 trip of the season.  The anglers on board were very sharp and skilled.  The captain fished hard to the east seeing some fish on each of the drops but nothing materialized.  Some anglers limited out while others only had a couple. Pool fish took the  jackpot with a 9 pounder caught by Tommy Lee from Queens.

Our next 50-50 is Monday, December 3 rd

We will be sailing tomorrow at 5 am. Please book tickets online at

11/18 Sunday Blackfish Aboard ISLAND CURRENT III…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott was happy to report a good crowd of anglers on a blue-bird day. Once again, Capt. Scott produced in true ISLAND CURRENT fashion. Today there were lots of limits and many others very close. Pool fish was a whopping 9 pounds.  This local fishing continues to be great and we are starting to see much larger fish each day.

Tomorrow we have our second 50-50 trip departing at 5 am.

There is still room to get on and hit the jackpot. Purchase tickets online at

11/17 ISLAND CURRENT III…BLACKFISHING Rhode Island Sound…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott was very happy to report another solid day of tog fishing. There are many anglers with their limits and others getting very close. Besides the solid fishing the quality of the fish was very impressive. There was even a few nice codfish making their way over the rail.

Tomorrow’s forecast is excellent with light winds and calm seas. Capt. Scott and his crew will be once again ready to do it all over again. We have plenty of room tomorrow so please feel free to pay onboard.   Tickets can be purchased online at

Next 50/50 DATES:

11.19 & 12.3

5 am

$200 per person

25 passenger limit

Offshore COD & SEA BASS TRIPS 12/12 & 12/19

$150 per person

30 passenger limit

11/15 Superior BLACKFISHING Aboard ISLAND CURRENT III…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported an amazing day of local blackfish in the Rhode Island Sound. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and those that showed up were treated with a banner day. The small crowd was limited out by 8 am and played catch and release for a few hours targeting larger fish. Capt. Scott and his top-notch crew did not disappoint!  Pool fish was 10.4 lbs today. High hook was 13 keepers and the boat was back at the dock for a late breakfast.

The weather forecast for the next three days looks absolutely fabulous. We will be sailing open boat at 5 am board the 76’ ISLAND CURRENT III. Book tickets online at