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Get Out on The Water For Striper Season!

Island Current Offers Striped Bass Fishing NY Trips!

striped bassStripers are back, baby! After a long wait, those big beautiful striped bass are coming in strong for the new season. These fish are favorites of anglers everywhere.

Come on a trip with the Island Current Fleet and you’ll see why everyone’s talking about stripers. Our incredible boats and crews will get these monsters on your line and in your hands before you know it.


Season for Striped Bass is Filled with Fish

Warm weather means it’s time to get out there and grab some striped bass. Every year, these giant fish migrate north towards the Long Island Sound area to spawn in the fresh waters of the Hudson River. We are lucky enough to live in one of the main spawning locations for these giant stripers. We are just at the beginning of the season for striped bass, so you know they are going to be jumping. Here are the 2016 season dates for stripers:

bass party on Island currentHudson River Striped Bass –     April 1st – Nov. 30th
(North of the George Washington Bridge)


Marine Striped Bass –   April 15th – Dec. 15th
(South of the George Washington Bridge)

The warmer waters bring the stripers up the coast and spawning draws them into the Hudson River, so we are perfectly located to do some serious striped bass fishing in New York. Island Current Fleet offers night time fishing trips specifically for catching the great striped bass. These fish are enormous. Stripers of 50lbs and more are caught every season with the right bait, tackle, and techniques.

Baiting and Landing Your Biggest Catch

big bassBait is so important in landing that big catch. While there are different choices in bait for stripers, big, thick, juicy blood worms are one of the top bites. The currents here in the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound are very strong, so while a big sand worm works, a blood worm will stay on your hook longer and stand up to the currents better. Bass also like bunker, mackerel, herring, and many other different types of bait. Variety is key to catching fish every time. Island Current Fleet keeps a variety of bait on board every trip.

You need to have a fresh, strong line. If you’re out there battling that bass, you don’t stand a chance with a weak line. Just when you’re ready to pull in a giant cow or bull striper, your line will snap. So make sure your line hasn’t been collecting dust since last season and is strong enough test to keep up with these giant stripers. A good sturdy hook is also important.

Don’t get overwhelmed, the mates and Captains on each of the Island Current Fleet trips know just how to catch these monsters. We’ll even help you with great rods, strong line and the freshest bait around from our favorite stop, Jack’s Bait and Tackle, right here in City Island, Bronx. Stripers bite best during evening hours or after dark and the Island Current Fleet offers nightly cruises just for stripers.

Adventure of a Lifetime

bass size of a kidCatching a striped bass is the best adventure you will ever have out on the water. These giant fish have fight in them and it’s up to you to win.

Aboard an Island Current Fleet boat, you will have the chance to battle these babies one on one, with a crew standing byto guide you. The thrill of snagging one of these giant fish is like nothing you have ever experienced.

Island Current is sailing today! Call us at 917-417-7557 and set up your own Striped Bass Fishing NY trip, we can get you out on the water and have you piling on the fish in no time. We leave for stripers every evening from our City Island location and even offer day trips. Take a break from your worries and come out on the water with us. If it swims, we catch ‘em! You can even book online!

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