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Island Current Fleet Update Thursday, April 27, 2017

Island Current Fleet Update Thursday, April 27, 2017 Both the 50′ ISLAND CURRENT II & 76′ ISLAND CURRENT III, once again successfully passed USCG inspection with flying colors. 

ISLAND CURRENT III upgraded it’s 100 nautical mile certificate to 50 passengers offshore waters and increased its Inland Route to 131 passengers for carrying capacity. This wide, beamy fishing platform was designed for comfort and stability. 

We are in the final stages of completion in alwgripping the topside cabin. Many new fish finding features have been added to this fishing machine! 

The island current III will be ready to sale this weekend at 8 AM daily returning back at 3 PM for jumbo flounder. In addition we also sell every night at 6:30 PM for striped bass returning back at 12:30 AM.

The island current fleet is the most diversified party/charter fleet in the western Long Island sound. Whether your group is as little as six passengers or as many as 131 passengers the island current fleet can accommodate groups of all sizes for any type of fishing excursion, sightseeing tour, moonlight cruise, educational tours, and offshore fishing voyages. 

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