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Island Current Saturday September 3 Report

9/3 City Island Bottom Fishing Party / Charter Boat Style 
9/3 today both captains Danny and Scott reported an excellent day of bottom fishing. As almost every day we are seeing a phenomenal by-catch of Seabass, bluefish, fluke and weakfish. Today there were quite a few double and triple headers making some extremely exciting fishing. The bait of choice was sandworms, clams, and fresh squid. Johnny Mc Daniels from VA was using shrimp & limited out on all plump-belly scup. 

Danny and his group of Firefighters dug in all day as the action was superb. 

The fall is shaping up to be amazing as we are seeing awesome daytime fishing and down-right super nighttime bluefishing.
Sailing everyday on the 76′ wide and fast ISLAND CURRENT III FOR DAYTIME PORGIES at 8 am and every night at 6:30 pm for BLUEFISH!

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