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Pile Up the Fish with Rhode Island Fisheries Trips!

Winter is in full swing and that means it’s time for some incredible Rhode Island Fishing. Island Current offers the best in fishing for anglers of all ages and levels of experience. Our captains and mates have been fishing these waters for over 30 years. Our Snug Harbor location is convenient and close to the best fishing spots. Looking for a great fishing trip? Your charter trip includes:

  • Island Current IIIFresh Bait
  • Rods
  • All Tackle
  • Top Boat Island Current III
  • U.S. Coast Guard Certified for up to 110 Passengers
  • 800 Horsepower Diesel Engine for Serious Fishing
  • Pointers, Tips, and Guidance from Experienced Crew
  • Fish Cleaned and Fileted While You Ride
  • Good for Kids of All Ages

Fish Are Flying in Rhode Island Charter Trips  

The waters off the coast of Rhode Island are bursting with fish. If you’re new to fishing or an experienced angler, this is the place to be and the perfect time to go fishing. The variety of fish and the amount we catch on a daily basis is incredible. Some of the common fish caught in this area include:

  • island-current-fish-picBlack Sea Bass- These beauties get up to around 5lbs. They move off-shore during winter and are often caught by jigging.
  • Tuatog or Blackfish- If you want a delicious fish that will put up a fight, this is the one for you. These scrappers average around 3lbs but can get as big as 25lbs. Watch out for those teeth and powerful jaws, they are fierce. Our experienced crew will help you remove the hook.
  • Scup-Averaging around 3-4lbs, scup are fun and delicious fish to catch.
  • Atlantic Cod- Everyone craves these monsters during winter. They average around 25lbs but can top out at 60lbs. These fish seriously fly over the rails when you hit the right spot.

As with any of our trips, the experienced crew at Island Current will keep track of limits, sizes and all other fishing regulations during your trip.

Rhode Island Cod Fishing Keeps You Coming Back

While there are a lot of different species along the abundant Snug Harbor area, everyone loves Cod. Here are just a few reasons why Atlantic Cod keeps everyone coming back for more.

  • 2-guys-holding-3-big-fishPlentiful- Cold waters full of prey attract Cod to the area. These fish are looking to spawn and gear up for winter, so there’s often a lot of fish in the area.
  • Easy to Catch, Hard to Wrangle- Cod can be easy to catch. But, even though they don’t put up a huge fight, they give you just enough of a struggle to add some excitement to your trip.
  • Big Beauties- Cod can get huge. Even average sizes outweigh the biggest catches of most other species.
  • Good for All Ages- Since these fish stick close to shore as they spawn and look for food, they are a great starter fish for any age. You might need a little help, but this is a great way to get hooked on fishing.
  • Versatile and Delicious- These fish are so delicious that they go with practically anything and are really easy to cook.

Of all the fish we go after, Rhode Island Cod are one of our favorites. They are big fish that offer a big, delicious taste too. Cod don’t put up a tough fight, but they still give you a run for your money in their weight and size. Plus, with the right amount of guidance, these beauties are the perfect start for any angler of any age.

Cod love the Atlantic waters for their cold temperatures and the abundance of prey. They eat all sorts of prey, including, herring, Irish moss, capelin, sprat, sand eels, clams. These fish are so hungry, they’ve even been found with clothes, cans, and sea shells in their gullets.  This can make it easy to find Try Atlantic Cod fishing once, and you’ll see why we’re all hooked on chasing these monsters.

Book Your Trip Now and Start Piling Up Fish

If you’re looking for a fun family outing, company celebration, or just wanting to get out on the water, now is the perfect time to start fishing. The Island Current crew is here to get you started. We supply everything you need to get a record catch. All you need to do is dress warm and show up. We help every passenger and work to make sure you have the fishing trip of a lifetime. Simply call us at 917-417-7557 locally or 888-689-1285. We’ll answer any questions and help you plan your trip. You can even book online. Don’t wait, get out there today and hook these fantastic fish!

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