Private Charters Fall Fishing City Island Style

Rods Are Jumping with Fish This Fall!

girl-with-hat-and-two-buckets-of-fishIt’s that time of year again! The waters are full of all sorts of delicious fish, coming back in for spawning or getting ready for winter. With Island Current, City Island, fall fishing can give you the catch of a lifetime.  The weather is amazing for the month of November and the fish are waiting to bite. Plus, all you have to do is bring yourself and some warm clothes, we take care of the rest, including:

  • Large variety of Fresh Bait
  • Quality tackle
  • Expert captains and crew members
  • State of the art radar and equipment.
  • Top-notch fleet for private charters
  • Fish cleaned while you enjoy the ride.

If you are an old pro at fishing or just beginning, Island Current is the place to go for fishing along the Long Island Sound. And fall is an exciting time to be fishing out here!

Fall Brings Fast and Furious Fishing

Fall is the season that many species of fish begin to migrate. Different types of fish migrate in different directions, but all these beauties can be found in big numbers during fall months along the estuaries and coastal waters of the Long Island Sound.

These rich waters stretch from New York all the way up to Rhode Island. Because so many different fish are migrating in the same area during this time of year, fall creates some fast and furious fishing. Here are some of the fish you can expect to see during your City Island, Fall Fishing:

  • little-kid-caught-fish-on-boatPorgy- As the water temperatures cool, porgy are starting to jump out of the warm estuary and river waters and move off shore. Porgy can get to around 4lbs and are fun to fish for all ages. This fish travels in schools so you can hit a pocket of them and keep reeling in one after another. Porgy like to stay on the bottom in rocky areas. Your expert captain and crew aboard one of Island Current Fleet are skilled in bottom fishing, knowing just the right spots to hit as well as when and where to drift.
  • SeabassThese bottom dwellers love any type of structure where they can find shelter. As they move south in the fall, they become an easier target. One of these tasty critters can weigh up to 8lbs and grow up to 25 inches.
  • blackfish2Blackfish/TautogIf you’re looking for a challenge and a bit of a fight, you’ve got to go for a try at a Blackfish or Tautog. Hang on, because blackfish will go in for one, two, or even three bites on your bait with their extremely strong jaws. These fish are bursting as they make their way out to off shore waters for winter. Tautog, like Porgy, can also be found along rocky bottoms or wreck sites, grazing on mussels and crabs. They will stick around one site for as long as they can until the temperatures finally get too cold and they have to completely move off shore.
  • Striped Bass Are you looking for a blitz?? Then get ready for some stripers. These monsters are hungry as they prepare for winter and are on the prowl for bait. As they move south during migration, their favorite meals are moving inland. When they meet, you have a blitz like you’ve never seen before. Drop in a line and you’re sure to get a catch.
  • two-big-blue-fishesBluefish Looking for some real excitement? Bluefish have a fierce bite and a big appetite. As they move offshore, they feed on schools of fish. This is where the true feeding frenzy occurs. Bluefish have been known to rip their prey, as they rush into schooling fish. You’ll need some expert help with these fish because of their sharp teeth. Any one of our expert crew members will be able to get them off that line and have them cleaned in time for supper!

Why City Island Fall Fishing? Simple. It’s the Best!

So you might be wondering why City Island fishing in the fall stands above the rest. The answer is simple, we have the best location, offer the best fishing spots, and have the best Private Charters for Fall Fishing.

city-island-skye-and-lighthouseCity Island is conveniently located in the Bronx. Island Current’s docked boats are both close to everything and tucked away to give you the privacy and peace you love. City Island fishing also gets you to those amazing fishing spots even pro’s search for. There are numerous wreck sites, artificial reefs, and even Execution Rocks Lighthouse. Even better? You can make it all happen by booking online with Island Current. If you have any questions or would like to request a charter, you can also call us at 917-417-7557 or out of state at 888-689-1285. We can’t wait to get these fish on your line!

Blackfish City Island

Private Charters, City Island Offer the Best for Blackfish Fishing!

blackfishIf you’re new to fishing or haven’t tried to fish for blackfish, this is the perfect time to start. Island Current has everything you need to get the best catch along the Long Island Sound. Plus, this looks to be a great year for City Island, NY Black Fish fishing. We’ve already had boats limiting out on blackfish! These tasty critters also called tautog, are the perfect catch for any angler.

They have the fight of a black fish and the delicious delicate taste of winter flounder. Right now these fish are biting bigtime, practically hopping on the boat! Here’s a little background on one of our favorite fish to catch.

Migrating Makes Big Bites

Every fall blackfish, also known as taugtog, start to make their way back to the ocean. As these fish make a slow and lazy move to the ocean, they are looking for food for winter. When they are hungry, these beauties love to bite. And, boy, do they bite big.

Big teeth and strong jaw attack the bait, sometimes hitting your hook, one, two, or even three times. Those mighty teeth come in handy to feast on their favorite prey, green crabs and Asian crabs.  When you fish with Island Current, we stock all the fresh bait you need for hooking those blackfish. We also help you get these powerful fish off the hook, with expert care because you want to take special care with these critters or you might get more bite than you bargained for.

Blackfish like to hide and shelter along rocks, wrecks, and bridge pylons. The best way to get a good blackfish bite is to do a private charter with experienced captains and crew. These experts will also keep track of fishing regulations and limits for you. Skilled anglers will know where to find blackfish and how to catch them.  Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to get those blackfish biting.

How to Get Blackfish to Bite

Check out this 8lb monster!

blackfish2In the fall, blackfish like to go to deeper waters close to reefs, wrecks, rocks, or even bridges. An experienced crew will know the perfect spot.

  • Use a strong hook- size 3-5. The crew on Island Current will supply you with the right size and strength.
  • Choose sturdy rods and reels, expert anglers can guide you with the right length and monofilament fishing line.
  • Find a deep pool or drop-off close to rocks and anchor so you can drift. The Captain with the Island Current fleet has been fishing these waters for over 30 years and knows all the best spots.
  • Carefully measure sinker weight and use just enough to keep bait skimming on the bottom.
  • When you get a hit, keep baiting your hook quickly as you keep tension on the line.

Private Charters to Celebrate the Holidays

boat5Got some family coming in for the Holidays? Is your office looking for a new way to celebrate this year? A private charter City Island excursion could be the perfect answer. There’s no place more convenient and the fishing is amazing. Island Current has an incredible crew that is ready to take you out on the water and help you bring in the fish. All of our fishing trips offer the following:

  • Experienced Crew
  • Guidance and Help While You Fish
  • All the Tackle You Need
  • The Freshest Bait
  • The Right Bait for the Right Fish
  • Free Fish Cleaning While You Ride
  • Top Rated Equipment
  • Furono Fish Finder

blackfish1We also offer a top of the line fleet with the Island Current I, II and III. These boats are beauties with accommodations for small parties to parties as big as 110 passengers. Both the Island Current II and III have been United States Coast Guard certified. If you are looking for experience, safety, and incredible equipment, you’ve found it with Island Current. There’s no better place than City Island, NY BlackFishing .Give us a call today at 917-417-7557 or book a charter online. We cannot wait to get your line in the water and those fish jumping!