Capt. Pete reported that the evening porgy bite was down right silly. It was an onslaught of double and triple headers as quickly as you can bait you had them flying over the rail.Capt. Danny limited everyone up today and was back at the barn early allowing the mates the time for slicing and dicing […]

Today we had all three of the ISLAND CURRENT FLEET boats out. Capt. Pete caught a good amount of striped bass on the troll this morning for Andrew B & family. Both Captains Danny & Scott dug into the porgies today as it was lights out superb! We have special striped bass trips posted on […]

Capt. Chris reporting in that the ISLAND CURRENT FLEET was out in full force this weekend around the clock.  The fishing was spectacular 🔥 Full buckets and cooler fulls of fish were the norm. The daytime & nighttime porgy fishing has been excellent! We are sailing Tuesday morning at 8am.Tuesday nightStriped Bass at 6:30 pmPorgies at […]

Porgy Time!! 🐟🐟

Capt. Pete called into the office to report an outstanding night of porgy fishing. We are sailing every night at 6:30 pm. It has been drop and stick fishing!Book your private charter today! All boats conveniently located at Jack’s Bait & Tackle.Sailing open boat daily at 8 am!


Capt. Chris reporting in that the local porgy fishing has been tremendous! Last night Capt. Pete worked his magic loading up on the giant PORGIES!Earlier in the day, Capt. Scott reported a full boat limit of scup flying over the rail. Now is the time to dig in and catch these tasty critters! We will […]

Capt. Pete will be at the helm of the 76’ ISLAND CURRENT III tonight at 6:30 pm and also tomorrow morning at 8 am daytime PORGIES. Book tickets 🎫 online today at The action has been spectacular and everyone has been digging in and filling up the coolers. Come on down tonight and Saturday […]


Porgy Beatdown continues on ISLAND CURRENT FLEET.  Today Capt. Danny was at helm of the 90’ SUPER CURRENT with a health showing of eager anglers loading up on the JUMBO PORGIES. Coolers filled and rods bending the entire day!  We will be back at it tomorrow morning at 8 am aboard the SUPER CURRENT and tonight at […]

90’ SUPER CURRENT sailing daily at 8 am PORGY EXPRESS. Please note we are sailing tonight at 6:30 pm for NIGHTTIME PORGIES.Book tickets 🎫 online at Islandcurrent.comBook your private charters today! Call ☎️ or text Capt. Chris at917.417.7557

Capt. Pete was very happy to report it was an all out rod bending evening on the troll. The awesome group of Tony & the boys all limited out on Striped Bass to 25 pounds.Book your private charter today and get in on the red 🔥 action 🎣🎣 Call Capt. Chris today at 917.417.7557 to […]

Capt Pete put the icing on cake today after plenty of jumbo porgies hit the deck of the 42’ ISLAND CURRENT.  On the way in Capt. Pete trolled the striped bass up very good.  As always, it was a pleasure fishing with Jim M. and his company.  We do have private  charter availability for these kind of combo trips […]