12/13 Cod & Sea Bass

Another wonderful outing aboard the ISLAND CURRENT III.  Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈreported that even in the less than ideal conditions once we arrived on the #cod grounds the #fish were there waiting with mouths wide-open! It was a grueling day rocking and rolling; however, those that stuck to the rail had no problem limiting out on black #Seabass and catching close to their limits on cod! Leading the way was Marc  with a full limit of black Seabass up to 6 1/2 pounds and high hook on the #codfish with 6 green beauties going into the cooler. It’s a great sight to see such a strong showing of codfish early on in the Cod season! At this time, we are carefully monitoring the weather and will be sailing the next fishable day. Please book your tickets online at #Islandcurrent.com β›΄πŸŸ

12/12 Cod & Sea Bass

Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈ reported a very #nautical morning out on the #codfish grounds. The water quality was definitely off and the codfish bite was way off from our past three cod trips.  We did manage a handful of nice codfish along with a #haddock.  However, the #seabass #fishing was fantastic as the boat managed a full boat limit of Seabass.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks much better and the boat will be ready to do some exploring to hone back in on the cod grounds. We are now sailing for codfish and Seabass daily at 5 AM. Please book tickets online at Islandcurrent.com.

Private #Charters available daytime and on the weekends. Call/text Capt. Chris at 917-417-7557 πŸŸβ›΄

12/8 Island Current III – Mixed Bag

Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈ reported a very solid day of mixed bag #fishing. Hi lights of the trip included a whopping 14.8 pound #tog coming over the rail. The weather was beyond beautiful and the rods were bent over all day long. We dialed in on the #codfish filling up the coolers lots of fish in the teens, as well as several beauties the mid-20 pound class. Loads of #seabass with lots of limits into the 5 pound class. Our next sailing date will be this Wednesday, 12/11 at 5 am #BLACKFISHING…. Book tickets 🎫 online at islandcurrent.com

Keep an eye πŸ‘ out for when we will be switching over to COD & SEA BASS 🎣 #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishingfleet #islandcurrentfishing #rhodeisland #rhodeislandfishing #snugharbor

12/7 Island Current III… Tog Fishing

Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈ reported an interesting day with lots of variety coming over the rail. The bite was overall off compared to the spectacular #fishing we have been accustomed to, however; there still were many limits on board. Again, the talent today with sharp #anglers was grade A and there were still lots of limits. Leading the was was Eben’s party with 18 keepers mixed in with a few #seabass and #cod. Capt. Chris & 5 year old son Murphy dug in and landed a bunch of tog with 10.6 oz hog 🐷! The weather was beautiful today and tomorrow’s forecast looks to be yet another blue bird day. Book tickets online at islandcurrent.com πŸŸβ›΄

12/6 Island Current III Codfish Charter

Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈreported a little change of pace today as the boat was chartered out privately for #codfish. Capt. Scott did an exceptional job at filling the coolers there was an unbelievable showing of #codfish and a smorgasbord of other bottom dwelling #fish such as #porgies, #seabass eels, #Blackfish and  #Cunners.  Not to mention #mackerel and #Pollock.  The weekend forecast looks absolutely amazing and we will be sailing at 5 AM for #Blackfish. 🎣There is plenty of room on board β›΄ so feel free to come on down and get in on some of the finest black fishing of the season. Book tickets online at Islandcurrent.com 🎣#islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #rhodeislandfishing #snugharbor

Wednesday, 12/4 & Thursday 12/5

Wed. 12/4

Capt. Scott πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈ reported that the #fishing was way off from what it has been but there were still several #anglers with their limit. Action was had on all drops but the #fish were biting scratchy.

Thursday, 12/5

Capt. Scott reported a much improved day as the morning seas were flat calm and the fish were chewing.   As the afternoon approached the wind kicked up and the #boat had a full boat limit of #blackfish. It was very nice seeing the bite rebound and the fish fed aggressively.

We will be sailing this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 5 AM for Blackfish. The weather looks exceptional and we will be ready to sail at 5 am and produce trophy πŸ† tog 🐷 🎣 Book tickets 🎫 online at islandcurrent.com β›΄πŸŽ£ #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfishingfleet

12/1 Sunday….Island Current III…Rhode Island Blackfishing… Captain Scott was very happy to report a fantastic pre-storm #Blackfish bite aboard the island current III. The seas were flat calm and the #fish bit aggressively throughout the day. The boat easily had a full boat limit of quality fish into the double digits; pool fish pushing close to 11 pounds.  In addition, there was also a nice showing of plump fat #codfish making their way into the boat to add some additional excitement.

Our next open boat trip will be this Wednesday, December 4th sailing at 5 AM. Now is the time to get out to get your double digit trophy hog Blackfish.

By popular demand!!! We have added an additional 50/50 trip on Monday, December 9th at 5 AM. The cost is $200 per person with a strict 25 passenger limit all tickets must be booked in advance at

Islandcurrent.com πŸŽ£πŸŸβ›΄

11/30 ISLAND CURRENT III…Cod & Sea Bass Spectacular

Saturday we had a private charter for our good friends in Connecticut and although the weather was quite nautical it did not stop the #cod from feeding ferociously on the wreck Phenomenal #seabass #fishing. The group was very hearty and stayed at the rail all day and the results were excellent.  We will be starting these #cod fish and Seabass trips once we close out our daily Open Boat black fishing trips.

The boat did exceptionally well today, Sunday, December 1 on the Blackfish grounds with many fish in the double digits. Full report will be posted later this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. Book tickets Online at Islandcurrent.com.

Private #charters available weekday or weekend. Call Capt. chris at 917-417-7557 #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishingfleet #islandcurrentfishing #rhodeislandfishing

11/29 Island Current III…Blackfishing Rhode Island

Today we fished 🎣 a variety of spots as the morning conditions were slightly nautical. After two early drops with limited actions we decided to make a move out of the area and it paid off. Once we were dialed in it was game on. The bites were scratchy but we continued to build the life as the wind never let up. At days end there were a good amount of limits and everyone went home with #fish. There were lots of quality fish today and fish into the double digits. 🐟🐟

Sailing Sunday, December 1 st at 5 am looks to be a flat calm day. Book your tickets 🎫 online at


Monday, 50/50 trip on 12/2 still has Some availability so booked tickets 🎫 online at IslandCurrent.com #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfleet #rhodeislandfishing #snugharbor #blackfish #blackfishing

11/26 Island Current III… today Capt. Scott reported a wonderful mixed bag outing for Harold and his private #charter group. The action was pretty much non-stop throughout the day will limits of #seabass and many #anglers also limiting out on the #blackfish.  In addition, there was a decent showing of quality #codfish in the mix. 🐟

We are sailing Wednesday, November 27 at 5 AM. There is plenty of room available please feel free to arrive down at the boat and pay on board. All tickets can be purchased online at

IslandCurrent.com πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈπŸŽ£