1/2 Bergal Charter

Captain Scott 👨🏻‍✈️ reported a very good day of up-and-down #bergal #fishing yesterday. Despite the nasty weather conditions #anglers who stuck to the rail all day had no problem filling up the cooler. Here are a few pictures from our #codfish trip on Sunday.

We will be sailing Saturday morning, January 4 at 5 AM for #codfish! Please book tickets 🎫 online at #islandcurrent.com. The forecast for Saturday looks very good and we are Anxious to get back out for Saturday’s codfish trip. ⛴🎣

12/28 COD & SEA BASS

Today Capt. Scott did some exploring and it definitely paid off! There was an excellent turn out of anglers and some exceptional fishing. We had a great mix of codfish, sea bass, ling, porgies, and pollock. The boat is out today and we will report on Sunday’s trip later today.  Book tickets 🎫 online at Islandcurrent.com

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Capt. Chris 917.417.7557

12/27 COD & SEA BASS

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a beautiful day on the water but the #fishing was not the great action we had seen on Thursday. Everyone went home with some tasty bottom dwellers but had to work for them.  We are out today going to be Exploring some different areas in search for a bigger body of #codfish.  The forecast for Sunday looks amazing.  We have plenty of room and all tickets 🎫 can be booked online at #islandcurrent.com.  Feel free to text/call Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 to pay cash on board.

Sailing 5 am daily #COD & #SEABASS 🎣⛴


Captain Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a very good day of bottom #fishing and A much added bonus with an absolute annihilation of jumbo Boston #mackerel.  The weather was absolutely beautiful as the extended forecast for the next three days look to be like bluebird days! The #islandcurrent III will be ready to sail at 5 AM for #codfish and #seabass. We have plenty of availability all throughout the next three days so please book your tickets online or feel free to text/call Capt. chris at 917-417-7557.  We would like to thank our good friend jimmy for arranging today private outing! 🎣⛴

12/23 Monday COD ON THE ROD

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported that Monday’s outing for #Cod, #Seabass and #Bergal‘s was extremely productive! The area has been loaded with lots of #mackerel and #herring and good size body of #codfish in the area. Nice to see the #fish both on the open bottom and on the structured pieces. Today’s outing saw more codfish coming over the rail than any other type of species. We will continue to sail at 5 AM for codfish and Seabass. All tickets can be booked online at Islandcurrent.com. 🎣🐟

Looking to set up a private charter the #islandcurrentfleet has got you covered for all of your winter #fishing needs. For small groups of as little as six all the way up to 30 to 40 passengers.

Captain chris and the entire island current fleet crew ⛴👨🏻‍✈️ would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! 🎄✨🎅🏽🎁

We are SOLD OUT, THURSDAY 12/26.

We will be sailing open boat this Friday, 12/27, Saturday, 12/28 & Sunday, 12/29.  Please book tickets online at IslandCurrent.com

12/22 Cod & Sea Bass

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️ reported another day of mixed variety of species coming over the rail. The weather in the morning was very nice but in the afternoon it started to kick up. Lots of action to keep #anglers busy throughout the day. Great amounts of #mackerel and #herring in the area. The #boat is out today Monday, 12/23 and will report back later this afternoon.

Holiday Gift Certificates are still available.  Book your tickets online at IslandCurrent.com ⛴🎣

Private #charters available both weekday and weekend.  Call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 🐟

12/21 COD & SEA BASS 🎣

Today the #boat got back out to the grounds after a week of being tied to the dock due to the wind machine. The morning started off picky but after making several adjustments we started catching.  We had an amazing variety of #fish coming aboard today such as #cod #Seabass #porgies #Pollock #Ling and #whiting. We had the most success today anchoring as opposed to drifting although conditions were ideal.  Book tickets online at

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