Flounder Fishing City Island Bronx, NY

Flounder Season is Here! Enjoy Fresh Fish with the Island Current Fleet Crew

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April 1st marks the beginning of winter flounder season this year. It’s been a long winter and we’re all ready to get back out on the water. Island Current Fleet has the perfect boats, tools, bait and experience to get those flounders jumping on your line. We have the best flounder fishing City Island, New York has to offer. Plus, flounder is the perfect fish to catch for anglers of all ages and levels of experience.

Island Current Fleet offers the best flounder fishing in New York and the surrounding area. Captain Chris and his crew offer over 25 years of experience and knowledge to share with you. Let us introduce to the most enjoyable fishing trip around.

Why Flounder?

First of all, flounder are some seriously tasty fish. Flounder meat is lean, firm, healthy and flaky. Plus the Island Current mates will clean your fish while on the boat, so they are super fresh and ready for you at the end of your trip. Fried, grilled, baked or sautéed, flounder is mouthwatering anyway you fix it. This fish is one of the most delicious catches you’ll ever get on the line.

Flounder are flatfish and come in two basic types, winter flounder and summer flounder or fluke. Winter flounder are a bit smaller, coming in around 1-2lbs and fluke or summer flounder are a bit bigger, usually around 3lbs. Jumbo flounder (larger fluke) can go over 6lbs. Check out this keeper, what a monster! An 8lb fluke caught with Captain Dan!

man holding big flounder

Flounder are also an easy introduction to fishing. Since these fish like to hangout on the ocean floor, boats can be anchored in shallow water.  As you fish, you can enjoy the salt air and the relaxing roll of incoming waves. Plus, flounder are a great way to start fishing or keep fishing as you want relaxation more than adventure.

During prime times, they can pile up on the boat quickly when you know the right techniques and have the right tools and bait. Luckily, our mates and captains at Island Current Fleet have a lot of experience in Long Island Sound fishing. Our Captains know to watch the current and tide to find a great place to put your line in.

Fresh Bait Variety for Best Flounder Fishing

Every trip is different and fish want different things. That is why it is so important to have a variety of fresh bait available. Island Current Fleet offers a wide variety of bait for each trip. Some of the favorites of flounder include:

  • Juicy Bloodworms
  • Yellow Colored Bank Muscles
  • Traditional Sandworms
  • Chum

Most of all, you need chum. You will need to keep the chum flowing throughout your fishing trip. Island Current Fleet always supplies just the right type of fresh bait and keeps it coming for every trip.

Trips For All Ages

Flounder is a fun catch for all ages. We recommend starting children at 5 or 6 years old. However, if you need to bring an infant, contact our captain beforehand. All of our trips come with very reasonable rates. Our flounder fishing day trips start at 8:00 a.m. and return around 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. loaded down with fish.

Regulations, Limits, and Laws

The crew at Island Current keeps up with all the requirements and seasonal limits, so you can just fish.

Spring marks the start of flounder season.

  • Winter Flounder                          April 1st to May 30th
  • Summer Flounder or Fluke       May 17th to Sept. 21st

Winter Flounder season is short and they are a popular fish, so you want to make sure and book your trip now.

man holding two flounders on boat
Get Back On the Water!

 For a lot of us, Flounder is a delicious New York staple and there is nothing better than fresh fish. Island Current Fleet offers the very best in flounder fishing City Island New York has to offer. After a long cold winter, these delicious fish are coming out in droves. Call us today at 917-417-7557 to book your day trip or contact us online.

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