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Sailing Monday, 3/11 at 3 am

Today, Monday, March 4, Ca. Scott ran the 76` ISLAND CURRENT III and reported a very good day of local codfishing with much bigger size fish. The weather was a little breezier than predicted b it did not stop the solid group of anglers from digging into the cod. Here are some of the great results from today`s good codfish bite. First the average size of the fish was around 12 to 14 pounds. There were 8 fish over 20 pounds and pool fish was a whopping 25 pounds. Jim B., caught 12 keepers orl, Mike B., had a limit catch and had 22 pounder, Omar r., caught 9 beaies, mark l., caught 11 orl, Dan y. And Jerry z., combined for 24 cod, orl. It was a very good day of local winter CODFISHING.

Please call Ca. Cis at 917.417.7557 if you are looking to get o on tomorrow`s codfish trip departing at 3 am. There is plenty of room b it is important to always call in and leave your contact information.

The ISLAND CURRENT FLEET is sailing Tues. at 3 AM oard the 76` ISLAND CURRENT III and fully stocked with fresh skimmer clams and plenty of shell bait for chum.

There has been plenty of room now that were are using the 76` ISLAND CURRENT III, which is equipped with a full galley, cushioned interior seating, and large spacious heated cin. Please call the office to confirm your reservation or book online.

To purchase tickets please call ZERVE at 212.209.3370 or book online at

The 50` ISLAND CURRENT II is availle for private charter and plenty of choice dates Jan. tu April. The cost is $1,500 for up to 12 people; $100 each additional person. Please contact Ca. Cis at 917.417.7557 or email him your request at [email protected]

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