1/24 Rhode Island Cod

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a much different day then yesterday’s excellent bite. We started off seeing a few #fish coming up more shorts on on grounds then we have seen. Lots of #mackerel in the area and good amounts fish under them. We worked a variety of areas with nothing really turning on. At days end, it was slow and the weather just couldn’t get much better.

The weekend weather again looks like a blow out. At the moment, Tuesday looks like the next fishable day. Book tickets 🎫 online at islandcurrent.com 🎣⛴

#Privatecharters available daily weekday or weekend. Call Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 🎣#islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #rhodeisland #rhodeislandfishing

1/23 Full Boat Codfish Limit

Captain Scott was very happy to report a full boat limit for the sold out crowd today. A special shout out to Joey A. from New Jersey for spearheading the trip! Captain Scott reported a surplus of bait in the area with mackerel and herring and the codfishing was Stellar! It is a very good sign for the winter ahead of us with the abundance of bait in the area and fish chewing aggressively. There were moments during the day that the fishing was savage and then it would stop and turn back on again!

Today both the iron clam and the fresh skimmer clams worked equally as well with one not producing any more than the next. When they wanted to chew and feed it just did not matter the bite was savage!Again, it was a picture perfect day as the weather was pristine and the fishing was on fire 🔥.  

Tomorrow’s forecast looks excellent as it will probably be the last fishable day before the weekend. If you are looking to go out tomorrow please book your tickets online at Islandcurrent.com.

Private charters available both weekday/weekend! Contact Capt. chris at 917.417.7557

1/22 Codfishing Rhode Island

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a picky start to the morning. The weather conditions were absolutely beautiful. The seas were flat and and the wind was calm. Today we anchored and drifted mixing things up a bit. There was definitely a good amount of #fish in the area and loads of bait!  It wasn’t until the latter part of the day that Capt. Scott was able to dial-in on a pile of fish that was actively feeding! Custom rod builder Sean was high hook for the day and it seemed that the iron clam was the most productive today!

Please note that we are sold out for Thursday, January 23. Please make sure you check in with the office for our early departure time.

Our next Open Boat trip will be Friday, January 24th. Book your tickets online at #IslandCurrent.com⛴🐟#islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfishingfleet

1/18 Codfishing on Fire 🔥 NOW!

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️called in very early to report loads of bait in the areas and piles of #codfish.  The morning was was very picky as the body of #fish were holding and biting in a tight area. We spent a good part of the day drifting and having a slow pick at all quality fish 🐟. It wasn’t into later in the day that Capt. Scott got on a good pile of fish and were able to carry them and pick away! We had several #anglers 🎣today with limits of codfish…. special shout out to Kevin from Westchester with his limit, Nick from Westchester with a whopper 31 pounder and pool fish along 6 other fish, Menios with his limit of #cod, and Dave from Irish Jig representing.  

Please note that the boat leaves at 5 am sharp….. we can’t hold the boat until 5:30 because your traveling far. For those of you that made reservations and pulled the NO SHOW…. you missed a great trip 🎣. We have a good body of GREEN codfish around and we will be ready to fish the next fishable day.  Remember book your tickets 🎫 online at #Islandcurrent.com and arrive to the boat 1 hour before departure.

Private charters available call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 🎣⛴

1/15 Cod On The Rod

Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported a slow start in the morning but then got on a small pile of #fish and was a able to chip away at them. All fish were caught on #bait. High #hook was 5 fish and everyone went home with fish.

The next two days are going to be blow outs with the wind.  We will resume sailing on Saturday at 5 am. Book tickets 🎫 online at islandcurrent.com ⛴🎣#cod #islandcurrent #islandcurrentfishing #islandcurrentfleet #islandcurrentfishingfleet


Capt. Scott 👨🏻‍✈️reported that today’s action was some of the best #cod action we have had this season. Besides the rain and fog the #seas were flat calm and the #fish were chewing.  Capt. Scott reported running over a large body of cod and expertly was able to to #anchor up over them and keep them coming all day.  #Hi-hook was 13 keepers (ORL) as there was many limits and several #anglers dangerously close to their limit.  We had several anglers bail out last minute and missed an amazing trip.

We will be keeping a watchful eye 👁 on the weather and will be ready to #sail the next #fishable day.  

Call Capt. Chris 👨🏻‍✈️ to book your #privatecharters as we can accommodate groups of all sizes.

We specialize in #codfish charters, offshore wreck charters and winter #bergal fishing charters. Call/text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557

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