We are keeping a watchful eye on the weekend weather and angler participation.

So far we already have enough to sail Saturday provided the weather is ok.

We still need some more people in order to get Sunday’s trip off the ground.

Please remember to book online at

Upcoming Event

Rockland Community College

2/28 thru 3/3

Booth #303

Call Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 to secure your season pass for 2019

2/10 Island Current III…CODFISHING: Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported it was nice to finally get out in a week. The weather forecast was once again off and the seas were 5-6 feet.  Drifting unfortunately was out of the question.

The light crowd of anglers stuck to the rail all day. We had several nice keepers but what was nice to see was the influx of juvenial Cod that appeared on the grounds. We are extremely hopeful that this a finally a positive sign of good things ahead.

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We are planning to sail the next three days providing we have the required passenger count. This time of year it is critical to make a reservation so we can assure sailing. You can make reservations online at or by calling Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557.

The fishing has been slow but there’s only one way to see if it going to get better…”Let’s Go Fishing!”

Capt. Scott and his amazing crew will be ready to fish hard the next several days.

Please keep in mind that we will be at the Rockland Sportsman Show: February 28-March 3rd at Booth # 303

We will be offering many amazing discounts on our open boat trips, charters, and season passes. Please stop by and say hello to the IC FLEET captains and deck hands.

Tight lines,

Capt. Chris

We are excited to get out the next few days Codfishing at 5 am. The weather, wind and temperatures will finally produce great conditions. The boat has not been crowded so please call / text Capt. Chris at 917.417.7557 or book tickets online at

This time of year it is very important to reserve so that we make sure we have the required number of passengers to sail.

1/28 ISLAND CURRENT III…Bergals & Codfish…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported another nautical day out on the cod grounds. We had a great group of anglers who fished hard all day and stuck at the rail. We did see lots of bait in the area today which is a great sign for things to come. We had a good amount of bergals and a few codfish mixing in to make things interesting.

As we look at the long range forecast the upcoming weekend looks perfect with calm seas and no wind. We are anxious to get back out again on the weekend. Please book tickets online at

Flashback Friday

Here’s a blast from the past of Capt. Chris some 20 years ago…

Weekend weather looks great for Winter Codfishing out of Snug Harbor, RI sailing at 5 am.

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1/18 Winter Codfishing Island Current III…Snug Harbor, RI

Capt. Scott reported a tough morning as the dogfish were relentless. The small crowd preserved and in the afternoon captain Scott relocated and had a steady pick of codfish and ling.

We are trying to sail Saturday morning so please book tickets online at or call / text Capt chris your reservations at 917.417.7557