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Tuesday, 3/6 the 76` ISLAND CURRENT III left SNUG HARBOR MARINA at 3 AM and headed o to the cod grounds. Ca. James was oard the ISLAND CURRENT III with his all star crew of mates and a great group of fisherman today. We had our usual RI crew and several other groups from some remote regions. We had a group of very talented fisherman who p a very good catch of cod together today.

Some hightlights of today`s “BLOCK ISLAND CODFISHING” included Phil & Ca. Carl from Homer, Alaska catching 24 keeper COD (ORL), Ca. Bob & Karen from Albany, NY had 23 keeper cod (ORL), Lee G. & Son had 18 combined keeper cod, & Brian COD-ON-THE-ROD & Frankie “Fillet” had a combined 18 keepers. Congratulations to the pool winning machine Ms. Karen with a plump 22 pound GREEN COD!

Now is the time to BOOK your BLOCK ISLAND COD charters. We have availle dates next week oard the 50` ISLAND CURRENT II.

We are definitely sailing Wed., 3/7 at 3 AM oard the 76` ISLAND CURRENT III. To purchase tickets please call ZERVE at 212.209.3370 or book online at There is plenty of room tomorrow so you can pay oard the boat if you wish.

The 50` ISLAND CURRENT II availle for private charter and plenty of choice dates tough March & April. The cost is $1,500 for up to 12 people; $100 each additional person. Please contact Ca. Cis at 917.417.7557 or email him your request at [email protected]

Here are a few of the fine catches caught oard the ISLAND CURRENT FLEET o of SNUG HARBOR, RI. Photo courtesy Ca. James 3/6/12.

Please stop by and visit us at the RISSA Saltwater Show in Providence, RI. Check us o at booth #1132 right next to SNUG HARBOR MARINA TACKLE. We look forward to seeing everyone!

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Wakefield, RI 02879

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